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This “EMP” has been requested over and over again, there are thousands of DIY tutorials online, 99% of those builds rely on a very peculiar NPN Transistor, the infamous C2078 RF Power Transistor. Unfortunately, 90% of what’s available now are fake, they have been wiped off the shelves and are no longer really in use, they are scarce, but originals are still available for a hefty penny.

The 2078 transistor is used to drive a high frequency oscillation circuit, driven by a voltage of about ~36v (we like high powered things in tiny packages) inside the unit are several coils wound very specifically together which work in unison to emit a high frequency electromagnetic pulse.

The end result is essentially a blast of high RF energy through the coil antenna which causes extreme interference with a variety of electronic equipment.

Prior to new age slot machines in casinos, these devices were built into covert housings resembling cigarette packs, the antenna was inserted into coin slot machines (as well as bill machines) and with the click of a button the user would increase “credits”, fooling the machine into thinking the user has deposited money, the outcome of course was unaccounted “money” deposits being used for plays which paid out very high sums. This caused a sweep of investigations and changes to the technology used today when manufacturers were made aware that payouts have increased with no actual intake of real cash.

Despite these changes, slot machines are very expensive to build, with the hundreds of thousands of machines in North America (millions around the world), this EMP patch has likely not been implemented across them all, which is why people are still caught with variations of these devices from time to time.

We do not advocate the use of these devices to manipulate slot machines, fingerprint safes, or any other type of credit/token machine, you will find many interesting uses for this device, despite the plethora of “cool” applications, the coolest by far is the ability to excite argon gas inside of CFL bulbs, an indication as to just how much high frequency energy is being burst out in a matter of seconds.