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Virtual private network with firewall


  • Encrypt all the internet traffic leaving your device
  • Allow or block internet traffic per app or address
  • Simple to use while still offering advanced features

Encrypting internet traffic can help to:

Blocking access to the internet can help to:

  • reduce data usage
  • save on battery usage
  • increase your privacy

VPN/Sentry is designed for minimum battery usage and maximum network speed. It does not require root permissions.

VPN/Sentry supports all IP protocols. You'll even have IPv6 connectivity when you normally don't have.

There is a free data allowance of 10 MB per day to try the app. Unlimited data usage is available with a subscription.

*Obsidian VPN/Sentry is available as a sideload, this version of the popular app uses private VPN servers operated by Obsidian Intelligence Group.